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Rain [26 Mar 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | good ]

Well i'm kind of glad I didn't sleep outside... it started pouring this morning.

The girls' tent leaked, so I felt bad. It was the tent I worked on after all. I went to apologize but Sakura was already yelling at Naruto for his "supposed" prank.

We all had to work outside in the rain. After I was throughly soaked, it wasn't so bad to be wet. It was just the initial beginning when you aren't wet when it's really annoying. After when you are totally wet, rain doesn't mean anything to me. I'm not gonna melt or anything. (Though Ino and Sakura acted as if they would)

I kind of enjoyed the rain. It muffled the sounds so it was more peaceful. And the quiet drummings of the little waterdrops on the leaves was quite calming to my ears. Besides, the forest looked like it glittered when the light reflected them right.

And because of the rain, Kakashi sensei couldn't run and read in a corner and Asuma sensei couldn't smoke

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... [25 Mar 2004|09:44pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I grabbed my pillow and took my spot of the tent before anyone else took it. I'm used to sleeping alone, and I will sleep alone even if i have to sleep outside to be alone.

I wish I was allowed to sleep under the stars, but Kakashi sensei reminded me, the girls would probably tackle me under if they saw me outside.


I took his advise and slept inside.

I had another nightmare. ... I have nightmares often actually. But I'm still not used to them. And I doubt I'll ever get used to them.

I think I kicked Naruto awake. Because right when Itachi was able to... then the next thing I knew was a pillow smacking my face continuously.

"Shut the hell up and sleep! And stop kicking me! Your feet stinks!" Naruto shouted.

For once, I was kind of glad I was sleeping with someone and woke me up from my nightmares but...

"Usuratonkachi! My feet do NOT stink! IT'S your...!!"

Then Asuma sensei smacked our heads together and told us to sleep.

I think... we fainted on the impact.

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Making Lunch [24 Mar 2004|09:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I remember when my sensei told me that I was in charge of lunch. I stood there gaping at him in shock. SHOCK! I thought I came here to learn how to scout and set traps. But COOKING? This truly is a waste of my time. (Worst part of it all was that, after telling us what to do, sensei ran away so he can read in peace his dirty book)

I didn't even try complaing that cooking should be left for women, since I do cook all the time. I guess Kakashi sensei needed Sakura and Ino to learn scouting skills and didn't trust Naruto and others to know how to cook. (Naruto can't even wait 3 minutes for his cup ramen)

So I was learning the patient art of learning-how-to-make-fire-by-rubbing-two-pieces-of-woods-together when Naruto decided to come and join me. Not to help of course. He just wanted to proudly present to me that his work was done and finished and I didn't even start my cooking. Completly ignoring the fact that I did make my second (though much smaller scale) tent before he finished his. He didn't even wanted my help with the bigger tent anyway.

Naruto bent down to look at my small fireplace with the kettle on top, saying "Look, I don't see a single flame or smoke~~"

That did it. I said to hell with this crap, and did fireball-no-jutsu and created a fire on those small pathetic bunch of twigs and branches... along with Naruto as well.

I smirked as Naruto howled and dumped a pail of soapy dishwater bucket on himself. It was funny to see his face quite black.

Edited: Cookies taken out. I'll just say I shared the cookies with shika/chou before leaving for camp.

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Well... [24 Mar 2004|12:12am]
Most of the time, I think teaming up with other teams are pointless. I don't get along even with my own teammates and they expect me to extend my courtesy to others? Well... we'll see how good they are cooperating with me I suppose.

However, this time, I was kind of excited. I wanted some higher ranking missions and this was a good chance for me to build and test my abilities.

I packed my essentials. spare clothes, kunai, shurikens, first aid-kid, utensils, and that sorts of things. I did also get a bag of cookies from all people, Udon. It's a bit strange but it's as if he's trying to take care of me. He doesn't even know why I don't live with my parents, except that he knows it wasn't my fault that I live alone. It's kinda silly I know, to have a kid taking care of me... but... not bad a boy. I promised him, when I come back, I'll make sure and see if there's a dung-beetle around the area. He's collecting bugs and he's missing that one it seems.

Anyways, we've arrived, it's quite late, midnight actually. Finished tenting my own camp. (Thank gawd I'm far away from Sakura and Ino) So I'm going to turn in for the night.
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Went to visit Lee. [12 Mar 2004|12:15pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Well, it wasn't something I normally do. But Naruto was gone training, Kakashi sensei went to do a mission for today... and... I knew Sakura was waiting for me to go to my usual training area to practice... I've been avoiding Sakura recently, for sure. She's gotten so... obessive weird lately.

So I went over to Ino's shop, she gladly helped me pick a flower and gave me some advice... which sounded like more rambling to make me stay longer and then I headed for the hospital.

I wasn't sure if I saw Neji or not, but when I went, I didn't see Lee in his room. I looked outside the window and saw that... well, he was doing push-ups?!

I was ... shocked. I mean, his ribs were fractured, his bones on his arms still not in place... they will never heal right like that! But... I admit, he got guts. He... ... He had something I didn't. He maybe a bit reckless but... I admired him for that one minute.

I left the flowers on his table and left. Sakura or no Sakura, I'm training. With or without Kakashi sensei, I'm going to train so Naruto will never reach me...

And so I can be stronger then him.

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... [10 Mar 2004|12:06am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I heard Udon got grounded for using crayons on his father's pictures. Heh, I remember when I used to do that.

Naruto left on some sort of a training mission. That's fine with me, since that left Kakashi-sensei free enough to personally train me.

Perfectly fine...

I need to grow stronger. Naruto is getting strong too fast for my comfort. It's... it's like he's hiding some monstrous powers... it was unreal... sometimes... when I look into his eyes... they look so inhuman... why is that?

I'm thinking too much lately. I should empty my mind more and concentrate. ... I am still waaay weaker then my brother... no, I mean. Him. He's my ultimate goal, not Naruto. I don't care about Naruto.


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*grumbles* [05 Mar 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Well Udon was suppose to come by later today. So I decided to do some quick shopping before he came.

Shopping for what you ask?

Let's say it's something Sakura decided to take.

Fine, fine. I'll just say it. Boxers. Yeah i wear boxers. Got a problem?

I still can't believe Sakura just took them. Well. A several. I think several anyway. So i've got a shortage of them. (sighs) I'll never understand girls.

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sick [04 Mar 2004|11:20pm]
[ mood | curious ]

My fever came down. I was sick for 2 whole days. I must be growing a lot weaker lately. Not only am I getting sick easier, but Naruto is growing stronger faster then I am.

And I heard rumors... that my ... no, that guy got an LJ. Maybe I should stay in bed.... I wish I can.

But no. I've missed out on missions too much lately. Kakashi sensei said this time would be a C-rank instead of D so I'm looking forward for it.

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Feeling sick... [28 Feb 2004|10:09pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

I sat on my couch and looked outside the window with my cup of coffee. I was feeling sick so I decided to brew one. When I was a child, my mom wouldn't let me drink coffee... and that made me want it more. Like how a forbidden fruit looks sweeter then any other...

I was online the other day... and I came across someone... who reminded me of my brother.

No.... He can't be him. He can't be... Could he be?

I sipped my bitter sweet coffee. Then I walked to the kitchen sink and poured it down the drain. I felt... I felt that I should listen to my mother ... though she is no longer here to scold me for drinking coffee anymore...

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... [25 Feb 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I'm so tired lately. Days seem to go by slowly after the chuunin exam...
and Naruto... he's growing in a frightful rate. As his team mate... I can see it. I remember myself back when I was a kid, thinking how pathetic he was... how weak he was...

Now... he's... like a monster, an engine ready to explode...

And I wonder to myself... what have I been doing all this time? As if the time is swallowing me, as if days go by without me growing any stronger no matter how many hours I train...

and days go by slowly... and clouds drift by with time... as if my practices and training are... pointless.

Naruto... exactly how strong are you...

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What the heck? [21 Feb 2004|06:05pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I went shopping. (Yeah you know, I have to eat too, and yes I cook on my own) And while walking down the centural Konoha, I hear a massive explosions everywhere. Then I saw this strange old man with looong white hair on a toad laughing like a maniac running through walls. Literally! Followed by a massive group of ... women with towels barely covering them screaming, "Give us back our underclothes you pervert!!!"



I stood there for a few minutes after the commotion and the smoke settled. Then slowly walked back to my house -.-

OOC: welcome toad_senin! Is that vincent(something something)?? I met you at chuunin lol. bet you don't remember me hehe. and welcome to white_whispers as well! I just commented you since it's hard to write you in as a welcome post ^^

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ooc [16 Feb 2004|10:28am]
hmm is it me or fish_cakes hasn't posted for awhile?
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Valentine's Day [16 Feb 2004|10:13am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Valentine's Day. Who the hell came up with this ridiculous idea, should have died before he influenced the world with his disease.

Don't people know that I don't like... in fact, HATE, sweets? (ooc: read ch 140 pg 16 of book 15) Especially dango.

There were several... no wait, I think it was more then just several, who would stop me and push a wrapped heart box of chocolates. Some even shoved other girls to give me one. What I do? Turn them down. I told them, for many years now, "I don't like sweets" And what they do, each and every year, they run and cry. What's up with that?

When I met up with Kakashi sensei and my group, I could tell Sakura looked nervous and was hiding something behind her back. I pretended not to notice. If she tried to give me that, I wouldn't know if I wanted to accept it or back her down also. She is a team mate, i rather not have her crying in front of me, which would be embarassing for both of us.

I wonder if she was one of those millions of girls who gave me a chocolate for the past several years. There were so many, I forgotten them all.

Oh, and yeah. i came home and my mail box and around my mail box were full of chocolates ... and there were rows and rows of flowers around my streets. I took a guess Ino made a huge sale.

Since I don't want any of it to go to waste...

Yo, Naruto! Or fish_cakes whatever you want to call yourself. Want to help me eat them? There's no way I can eat them all.

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WHAT THE? [11 Feb 2004|05:28pm]
Sakura seems to have gotten a letter... a love letter... written by me... but i never WROTE one!

What the heck? Is this one of Naruto's prank? If it is, he's going to get it.

Geez, I let one girl come to cook for me cause i'm too sick to cook a decent meal, and talk to one girl in the mountains just so i can train, and all this happens?

I'm going back to my solitude. I like it and no one bothers me. This relationship deal is going too far from my comfort zone. I don't like it.
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Snow melted [05 Feb 2004|09:32pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

The snow melted. And my cold has gotten better. However, 'cause Kakashi sensei strangely fell into a ditch, we suspended getting more missions. (I mean come on, he's a jounin! How could he... well... unless whoever made the ditch was a pretty good expert.

I heard Naruto fell into a ditch too. Peculiar of him. Anyways, cause two members of our team is not capable for missions or any serious training, I went off to do training on my own.

Then I saw Ino.Collapse )

So I admit, I helped her pick her flowers. I kinda wanted her to leave sooner so I can continue my training. Quite unfortunately, I never got to start my training, cause I helped her carry couple basketful back to her shop.

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Last night... [03 Feb 2004|12:03am]
[ mood | good ]

Well... I invited Sakura over last night...

I probably shouldn't have.

And no I did not... err.. WE did not do anything inappropriate.

When I let her in,Collapse )

I was feeling warm and drowsy from the medicine and food. But Sakura wanted to see the stars for some reason. I didn't see the point, we can see the stars from the window right?

But she insisted.Collapse )

I don't know when I dosed off... but... all I remember for sure was... that I was warm for the first time in long while.

PS - Sakura, Thanks for the remaining chicken soup you left for breakfast. I heated up today and ate it.

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e-chu! [01 Feb 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | sick ]


Damn that Naruto-yatsu! Now I caught a cold.

*feeling sick and alone*
*bundles himself in a blanket and feeling drowsy*

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*grumbles* [31 Jan 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I hate him. Him!

I was plowing my snow with at shovel. I would rather shovel the snow then ice. And there's no one in my house let alone anyone in the neighborhood, thanks to certain someone 4 years ago that would shovel any of it.

I got no idea why Naruto was there.

But he was.

And he used his stupid multiple shadow-clones, (more then just a few I recall) and showered me with a gracious amount of snow.

What a waste of chakra and jutsu!

I would have noticed him sooner if I wasn't concentrating hard on shovelling! Really! (Why don't YOU try shovelling the whole Uchiha town's main road to the central Konoha?)

And then the stupid rat ran away laughing. Unfortunately, all the Narutos ran away in different directions so I didn't know who to follow and pummel.

Ok... so I admit my defeat for today.

Tomorrow. He's gonna get it.

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snow [29 Jan 2004|09:26pm]
[ mood | content ]

So I watched the snow fall today.

It was a bit cold to go outside and train. And no I'm not delicate! I'm just being cautious. I don't have parents like some spoiled kids to take care of me when I"m sick you know.

And I refuse ANYONE to take care of me. (That includes certain girls)

So I stayed home. Watching through my foggy cold window as the snow fell silently on the world outside. A world which I do not belong. I could see my breath in my own house... but I didn't want to warm it up. Perhaps I'm too lazy, but it's annoying to do house chores. Cleaning the fireplace being one of them.

So I just bundled up in a blanket, got myself some warm milk, and studied a few jutsu scrolls in between the times I looked outside.

Was I lonely? A bit. But I enjoy my solitude.

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sighz [27 Jan 2004|11:52pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Well. I got myself a journal. I don't see the point of meeting everyone on the net when I meet them every day wheather I want to or not. (Especially since two specific girls are desperately counting their fingers and ready to pounce on my LJ)

After our short useless (not to mention pointless missions, I went to practice my jutsus. Alone.

I seem to be developing migrains. And more... depressed. Perhaps it's just lack of sleep.

Oh and happy birthday to Hinata. It seems today was her birthday. I guess journals are useful for some things....

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